Water in Lea County is provided by the cities and comes from underground water tables including the Capitan Reef & the Ogallala Aquifer. Many cities in Lea County have revamped their systems to use effluent water for public projects and conserve water for residents and businesses.

Lea County encourages sustainable water practices in business including recycling and reuse.


  • City of Eunice: 575-394-2576 x 102
  • City of Hobbs: 575-397-9216
  • City of Lovington: 575-396-2884
  • Town of Tatum: 575-398-4633
  • City of Jal: 575-395-3340 x 225

The average rate for electricity is $0.04-$0.08 per kWh


Lea County is served by two electric companies: Xcel Energy and Lea County Electrical Coop. These two companies are committed to providing power for southeast New Mexico, including using solar and wind. Since 2012, Xcel has added 1,200 miles of transmission and distribution lines and plans to add more than 5,000 miles between 2017-2021, over $380 million of investment!
Natural Gas

The EnergyPlex is second largest producer of natural gas in the state!


Gas in Lea County is provided by Zia Natural Gas and New Mexico Gas Company. New Mexico is an “open access” state for natural gas utilities. Natural gas utilities under the jurisdiction of the New Mexico Public Utility Commission are required to provide non-discriminatory transportation of natural gas for New Mexico end users.

Customers have the option to purchase natural gas from a producer, marketer, or broker of their choosing and have it transported by the local utility system.



Lea County has access to high-speed fiber internet in many of its communities, up to 1000 Mbps (1 Gb)!