The Economic Development Corporation of Lea County’s (EDCLC) Elyce Gobat has earned the Certified Economic Development

Certification (CEcD) through the International Economic Development Council. The certification is considered the, “standard of excellence for the profession.” Gobat serves as the EDCLC’s manager of research and special projects.

To earn the certification, Gobat was required to take multiple courses and work in the field of economic development for at least four consecutive years. Earning the certification requires a vast array of knowledge and expertise in both theory and practice. Coursework included training in topics such as Real Estate Development and Reuse, Economic Development Finance, Economic Development Marketing and Attraction, and Workforce Development. At the completion of her courses, Gobat sat for a comprehensive written and oral exam covering more than 10 economic development competencies. Due to COVID-19, the test was administered virtually.

“Especially during such a trying year, Elyce’s perseverance in studying and passing the exam is commendable,” Missi Currier, EDCLC president and CEO, said. “I am extremely proud of Elyce and the work she has done to accomplish this certification. She is a valuable member of the EDCLC’s team.”

Moving forward, Gobat’s certification will bring added value to economic development and diversification opportunities in Lea County.

“Often, for new businesses looking to come to Lea County, the EDCLC is their first introduction to our communities,” EDCLC Board Chairman Josh Grassham explained. “Elyce’s hard work brings additional value to the EDCLC team and to the businesses looking to expand in our area.”