Reposted with permission from the Hobbs News Sun.

Barnhardt Bolt Founder and CEO Roger Barnhardt, left, and his son, vice president Dax Barnhardt, recently cut the ribbon to their new store in Hobbs at 1926 W. Bender.

The need was there to come to Hobbs, so Barnhardt Bolt did.

The Odessa-based oilfield industrial fastener company recently held its ribbon-cutting ceremony, although it has been serving Lea County since September.

The supply chain may have only been in business for 25 years, but Barnhardt Bolt & Special Fasteners Inc. has an additional 10 years of working in the Permian Basin.

“What we do is hold the oilfield industry together,” Barnhardt said with a chuckle. “Literally, holds it together.”

What makes Barnhardt Bolt stand out is not the product they sell, according to Dex Barnhardt. It’s the people who sell it.

“It’s our people. Our employees,” Dex Barnhardt said. “It’s our customer service that keeps bringing people back. We don’t sell anything that others couldn’t. Our commitment to our customers and our knowledge of the industry is what makes the difference. Our employees do a really good job of understanding and asking the right questions to get exactly what the customer needs.”

Dex Barnhardt, vice president and Roger Barnhardt’s son, said the company’s goal is simple — to be the best in the area.

“We want to be able to hire more employees,” Dex Barnhardt said. Currently there are around seven employees in the Hobbs office and around 52 throughout the company. “Once this place is full staff we look to have around 12-14 employees,” he said.

The store’s location, 1926 W. Bender, is a 50-by-100 foot building that was purchased, gutted out and remodeled. Then, an 8,000-square-foot warehouse was added to the back of the building.

“It was a long process to get this going,” Dex Barnhardt said of the Hobbs office. “We worked on it for about six or seven months from the day we signed the papers on it, to the day we opened the door. We’ve talked about coming to Hobbs for a couple of years now.”

Roger Barnhardt said it was the same situation when the business expanded to Midland.

“Our customers kept asking for us to build a store in Midland,” Roger Barnhardt said. “They said they would buy more if we did because they were having to drive from Midland to Odessa. We were doing the same thing here and people would have to drive 100 miles to Odessa to shop with us. Now we are servicing them out of here, they are loving it.”

The expansion bug isn’t totally dead. Dex Barnhardt said the company is eying the possibility of opening stores in Pecos, Texas, and Carlsbad.

“We were bringing so much of our product on trucks to Hobbs before we opened this store,” Dex Barnhardt said. “Now, we are taking our product on trucks and trailers to Carlsbad. We also have been serving the Navajo Refinery in Artesia for years. However, we know how the industry goes and we aren’t looking to move too much, too fast. We’re happy being in Hobbs to service a great need to our customers.”

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